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Farcebook (2018/07/01 08:00)
Notes on a single point of failure.

Nobloggy But Me (2018/04/15 08:00)
Blogging never "died"; it's just become harder to see. But it's as crucial as ever.

Faceless (2018/04/14 05:00)
With Facebook out of my life, it's all the easier to spot unproductive discourse of all kinds, because of what else it reminds me of.

Erasure (2018/04/06 05:00)
Outside of the social media bubble, the void.


Face Down In The Cesspool (2017/08/23 07:00)
A year and change ago, I mostly quit social media. I don't think that's likely to change.


My New Brain Dept. (2016/07/07 08:00)
On life without Facebook. (It's pretty good.)


Every Butt A Billboard Dept. (2013/04/05 10:00)
On the hazards of being someone else's product via social networking.


Seeding Dept. (2010/05/12 05:40)
Diaspora*: The escape hatch from Facebook, et al. (And maybe also from the dead end that LiveJournal is turning into.) Even the New York Times is interested. Is it feasible? Yes; everything I've seen tells me this is not just...

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