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Over The Top, Out The Bottom

If there was an envelope I wanted most to push, it was envelope of "accessible and fun" as it edged up against "complex and challenging".

Naked Brunch

On the problem of avant-gardism having no criterion for failure.


The 'I' In Experiment

All art is experimental. Let's not shy away from that.


To Thine Own Balance Be True Dept.

The key word there isn't 'balance', but 'your'. (Well, 'thine'.)


Improvisation (Derek Bailey)

One of free music's cornerstones, an album of heedless challenges and curious pleasures.


Ordinary - Feh! Dept.

Is my love of a particular kind of (non-gimmicky) storytelling better than someone else's love of a particular kind of (gimmicky) storytelling?

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