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The Big Fix-Up, Continued

Latest blog fixup: repairing a template that caused pathologically long build times.

Home(page) Improvement

The software running this blog (my creation) is getting a back-end facelift. About time.

Recovery Time

I spent part of yesterday in a dentist's chair, getting two wisdom teeth extracted. I spent the rest of the day in bed, recovering.

Labored Day

My weekend PC misadventures and beyond.


Vanishing (And Reappearing) Act

What I did on my extended winter vacation. For one, I moved house.

Ducking The Wind

Excuse my silence, I was avoiding a hurricane. (And now, some work updates.)

Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth

Or until, as I did, break a tooth.


The Next Time The World Almost Comes To An End, I'd Like At Least A Little Advance Notice, Thanks

Title tells it.

A Minor Oops, Un-Oopsed

The purchase links for Fall Of The Hammer went to the wrong books. This has since been corrected.


A Bullet To The Foot

We found a minor but unsightly formatting issue in the remaster of "Welcome To The Fold". Our bad.

Notice Anything Different?

With my blog, that is? I hope not, as great things are afoot under the hood.

Goodbye, Genji. Hello, Infinimata.

Welcome to the next generation of my personal publishing imprint.


You Can See Why I Was Busy

Whole lotta shakin' going on.

Regular Service Resuming Shortly

Excuse our dust.

Is This Thing On?

Blogging has resumed.

Rumor Control, April 2019 Edition

Some recent writing and creative news from these shores.

Resuming Regular Service

We're back!


Press Pause

The next week and change I won't be around much.


Feed Me, See More

Our site's feeds got munged. Look within for answers.

A New Coat Of Paint

A brief pause as we clean house.


And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Interruptions Dept.

Oh yeah, here I am again. What I've been up to.

Ketchup, February 2014 Vintage Dept

What's kept me busy.

Greatly Exaggerated Rumors Dept.

Of my death, that is.

Get Me Outta Here Dept.

I'm moving. Expect radio silence.


Good Timing, Bad Timing Dept.

"Flight of the Vajra" is almost out. Almost.

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