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The Pop Problem

What is it I really want from popular culture? Typically something rare.


Highly Illogical, Jim

When does a story's logic hold fast, and when does it break?


Very Much Reality

Anything you put out in the world under the pretense of entertainment is worth taking at least as seriously as someone else could. And some take it very seriously indeed.

A Second Life On Video

Movies have more second lives than ever, but only because they barely have first ones.

I Am (Not) An Entertainer

"I'm an entertainer." -- Alan Watts. "I am not an entertainer." -- William S. Burroughs. Discuss.


TV Or Not TV

More on the de-boob-tubing of my life.

Grindhouse Vs. Arthouse Vs. My House

On schlock being useful without the love of it becoming its own snobbism.

Empathy Machine II Dept.

More on the idea that entertainments can be engines of empathy.


We Put The 'Cult' In Culture Dept.

Modern fandom of the fantastic is transformative, not passive.

Stuporheroes Dept.

Age of Dulltron.


Hunting High And Low Dept.

Different art, different critical standards? Maybe not.

Put Away Childish Things And All That Dept.

Comics are just for kids. Right?

That's Entertain(t)ment! Dept.

"Entertainment" isn't a cover for dispensing lies and misinformation.

Of Silos And Vin Diesel Dept.

Why never to say something can't win Best Picture. Or shouldn't.

Propagandart Dept.

All entertainment is art, whether or not we know it, and all art is propaganda. Therefore ...

Noise Filters Dept.

The uncanny has become the new normal.


You Are What You Dream Dept.

Even our entertainments are works of art whether or not we like it, and have the chance to be taken very, very seriously by somebody out there.

Last Year's Model Dept.

Hollywood's mania for sequels makes sense in light of how forgettable the films are. With no follow-up, who would remember they even exist?

You With Your Fandom, Me With My Fandom Dept.

Fandom should be about more than just emotionally protecting one's territory.

My Water Cooler Runneth Over Dept.

On the communal enjoyment of entertainment and the 'paradox of choice'.

To Push All The Right Buttons Dept.

Flatter the audience at your own risk.


A Mouthful Of Stories Dept.

Great writing and great cuisine, compared.

The Highs And Lows Of High And Low Art Dept.

More on why art doesn't sit on the rungs of a ladder.

The Feel-Bland Hit Of The Summer Dept.

Maybe we've grown weary of manufactured excitement, emphasis on that first word: manufactured.

The World Crashes In, Into My Living Room Dept.

Why the pipeline that deliver us the culture we have to live with is failing us.

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