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A Different 70%

"Odds are you know 70% of what there is to know, but everyone knows a different 70%."

On The Job Training

I always go back and forth about the value of "formal" education in creative endeavors -- e.g., creative writing classes or MFAs or film school or whatnot.


An Open Book (actually, a whole lot of them)

In praise of the Open Library project and the late John Holt.


Don't Techno For An Answer

"The computer has almost since its beginning been a solution looking for a problem."


Diversify, Diversify Dept.

There's always going to be something you can't do. The hard part is knowing what.


Etc. Dept.

1. One for the Loaded Questions Dept.: Do School Libraries Need Books? My favorite line: "Books offer a place away from the inbox, where we can go to quiet our minds and reflect." I'm a little dismayed at how much...


Think Tanked Dept.

Op-Contributor - End the University as We Know It - Op-Ed - NYTimes.comThere's a lot in this piece which is pure wishful thinking (end the tenure system, what?!) but I liked the bit about doing things with the teacher's...

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