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Yeah, But Isn't That Somebody Else's Problem? Dept.

The real cost of "free" is right under our noses.


The Rest Is Silence Dept.

Goodbye, classical music.


Give It Away Now (And Forever) Dept.

A culture of free cannot be sustained by an economy of free.

Destrative Crestruction Dept.

Why evolutionary forces are not your company cop.

Mass Market, Crass Market Dept.

How economics supplants culture: a failure of marketing, and of imagination.


You'll Pay To Know What You Really Think Dept.

The love of money, the root of all evil? Well, maybe the root of a fair amount of heads-in-the-sand ignorance.

Money Is Not Our God (But All The Same, I'm Still Cashing My Paycheck) Dept.

Will they abolish money in the future? Don't bank on it (ho ho).


Used Up -- And Down Dept.

The other day in a conversation elsewhere, I asserted: If you have a choice between bootlegging something and buying it used for a reasonable price, buy it used. There may be benefits that you don't immediately see. Buying a used...

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