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My Achey Breaky Bod

Moderna Dose 2: Something Something Boogaloo.


The Saddest Of Nightmares

From uneasy sleep came the uneasiest of dreams.


The Advice To The Spirits Of Adventure

Another strange and remarkable dream, scavenged as best I could from its remembered fragments.

The Night Guard

For some reason the dental guard I wear at night now provokes unprecedented dreams.

Dream On

For a creative person, I have some of the dullest dreams around. I don't get it either.

The David Katalin Memorial Archive

A dream from the other night, so vivid and specific in its details that it unnerved me.

You Figure It Out

"Fish s**t or coffee, sir?"


It's My Nightmare Dept.

I spent most of the last two days highballing NyQuil and wishing I didn't feel like red-hot pokers were being shoved into my eyesockets. That's right -- Con Crud (or Con Staph, ha ha), which is rather surprising since I...

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