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Speaking In Tongues (And Writing In Them, Too)

"Translators are people who read books for us."


Losing It In Translation (Again) Dept.

I have been preparing for the English-language release of Usamaru Furuya's manga adaptation of Osamu Dazai's No Longer Human by re-reading the original novel in its English translation (by Donald Keene), with the Japanese text open to the side. It's...

So Lovely A Country Will Never Perish (Donald Keene)

Diaries and private writing from many famous Japanese authors during WWII reveal sides of themselves vastly unlike their public personas.

Then and Now Dept.

[I've been deeply embroiled in work, but I've found some pieces I wrote but never published which I thought would be good to post after a little cleanup, just to keep things rolling here. I'll be posting one a day...

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