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Fast, Cheap, And Under Control

Paraphrasing Neil Gaiman: "Make cheap art."

The Big Kick

On Brandon Sanderson's big kick(start).


Punk You Very Much

The greatest liberation about doing it yourself: gleaning from it the freedom to figure out what you really want to fill your days with.


DIY Or Die

When is it OK to say, "Screw the world, I'm'a do me"? And when is it just being a self-indulgent twerp?


Validation Is A Drug

And one of the most intoxicating for do-it-yourselfer creators.


Why Do I D.I.Y.? Dept.

From hereI was intrigued by your comment over at Jim Hines's journal that you had decided to go the self-publishing route, writing for the audience you had developed, even though you knew the limitations that that route imposes. How did...

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