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To Leap Over The Wall Dept.

Why "DIY or die" may not cut it anymore.


The Pixel Factory Dept.

On Pixar's alleged slide into crass commercialism.

Apres Le Deluge, Quoi? Dept.

If you think of the artist as a person, an individual, you're less likely to construct your business around treating him with contempt.


A Bland Apart Dept.

On culture being a tasteless affair (puns intended).

The World Crashes In, Into My Living Room Dept.

Why the pipeline that deliver us the culture we have to live with is failing us.

Out Of The Vaults And Into Our Hard Drives Dept.

Why I still love me some physical media, even when downloads are that much more convenient.


The Pipeline Wins Again Dept.

An interview with producer Richard Zanuck, mostly about Jaws and Alice in Wonderland, sported this incredibly telling phrase: We had a date long before we started, a release date. The picture was actually booked in thousands of theaters long before...

Foreign And Domestic Dept.

Roger Ebert reviews the new Bong Joon-Ho (The Host) movie Mother (word is uniformly excellent) and has some totally smack-dab-in-the-dead-center-of-the-target things to say about movies of this ilk: [It is] an adult film, not in the sense that it contains...

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