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How To Cover Yourself

My fifteen-minute guide to making professional-looking self-published book covers.

Legal Cheating In The Visual Cortex

How I got the new art for "Absolute Elsewhere" to cover the book's spine without completely reworking it.

The Beauty Of Doing Things Backwards

First design the cover, then write the book? Why not?


The New Look Of 'Summerworld'

After some puttering, I think I finally have a good new cover design for 'Summerworld'.

Glimpses Of The Near Future Shelf

A look at the upcoming "remastered" editions of my books "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned", "Welcome To The Fold", and "Flight Of The Vajra".

Remastering The Back Catalogue

On the progress of the reissue program for all my earlier books under the new Infinimata Press label.


Third Time's The Charm

The cover art for "Flight of the Vajra" approaches completion.


Eye of the Inferno Dept.

Tokyo Inferno has a slightly remodeled cover design!The old design, for reference:...

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