Posts tagged culture in January 2014

Nonbiodegradable Dept.

On ephemeral culture that never gets around to being ephemeral.

Die Neue Mensch Dept.

The new American man doesn't have to be a dudebro or a feminized wimp; he can be a step in the right direction.

Critique Is Magic Dept.

My Little Insight: "'there's a point where a pleasant lack of cynicism ... becomes insular naivete.'"

(Don't) Do It Again Dept.

Remakes: the poor man's newness.

Ah, The Good Old Days, Weren't They Awful? Dept.

Looking backward keeps us from looking forward.

Freedom ... To Wipe Tables And Shine Shoes Dept.

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to sell.

No Time Like The Present Dept.

To engage with the world in the here and now, or to withdraw? The case for both.

But All My Friends Loved It Dept.

On the difference between "culture" and "lifestyle".

Gentlemen, Start Your Photocopiers Dept.

Self-publishing shouldn't just be an excuse to recapitulate what exists.

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