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Kauffmann Syndrome

The problem with much criticism: it proceeds from the flawed premise that art is hierarchical.


I Owe An Excuse

What's the difference between an appreciation of something and making excuses for it?

Fallings From Grace

My Dale Peck problem.

The Case For Preferring Older Books

You miss out on less than you think.


But Who Am I To Be Critical?

When you look at something, you have to be willing to not pretend that it needs to be great in order to justify anything.

It's A Living

If written fiction's becoming nothing but a prelude to adaptation, what's that mean for written fiction itself?


Grindhouse Vs. Arthouse Vs. My House

On schlock being useful without the love of it becoming its own snobbism.

Me First

I like to write about other peoples' work, but I write my own work first.


Listen Without Prejudice Dept.

How to hear them out when they say you're wrong.

Plugging One's Ears Dept.

On ignoring bad advice, part two.


Hunting High And Low Dept.

Different art, different critical standards? Maybe not.

Big Ticket Dept.

On taking superhero movies seriously (because billion-dollar box office isn't serious enough, I guess).


This And $2.50 Gets You A Ride On The Subway Dept.

On why both giving and interpreting good criticism are dying arts.

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