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Readiness And Other Lies (2020/02/02 08:00)
It's not about being ready; it's about being willing to fail.

Possibility Paralysis (2020/01/30 08:00)
What do you do when you want to do everything?

The Builders And The Finders (2020/01/24 05:00)
At first people think creating things is more like discovery than construction.

What It All Means (2020/01/20 08:00)
Zen's influence on my work.

You May Begin To Feel Overload (2020/01/07 08:00)
On art as the alleged antidote to life -- although life is no illness, is it?


Connections And Disconnections (2019/12/15 08:00)
"Is this something I can see myself sitting down to work on literally every day for the next year or more?" If not, why?

The Shape Of The Envelope (2019/12/03 01:00)
On pushing your envelope as a creator (and not getting all moralizing with yourself about it).

The End Of Quality (Not Really) (2019/11/23 08:00)
Some say "good, better, best" is an absurdity and best done away with. I agree, sort of.

Makers Gonna Make (2019/11/07 05:00)
And should, even if they aren't great marketers.

No Good Vs. Yes Good (2019/09/21 05:00)
Creative paranoia: when you know, just know, your work is worthless in a way only others can see.

Doowutchalike, Part Three Hundred And Six (2019/09/10 08:00)
What is the good, and bad, in saying "I do what I dang well want" in any creative medium? I know there's both.

Nobody Cares Enough About Your Idea To Steal It, Part Nine Thousand And Seven (2019/08/31 08:00)
"Don't worry about someone stealing your good ideas. Worry about someone stealing your bad ones!"

Advice And Consent (2019/07/13 05:00)
The very best advice I received was not a command but a seed for discussion.

My Own 'What' And 'Why' (2019/07/08 09:00)
How I used to get caught up in thinking about the surfaces of the things I admired.

The Wile E. Coyote Problem (2019/07/07 08:00)
Why much of what we call "genius" is mostly cultivated stubbornness.

Spero Meliora And All That (2019/06/28 08:00)
"Greatness is lived, not had."

The Bane Of All Curious Minds (2019/06/21 08:00)
What do you do when there's just so much to do and so many things to know? Focus. But how?

Bliss Is Ignorance (2019/06/08 05:00)
There was once a time when I felt I was a better writer when I didn't really know what I was doing.

The Refutation Proclamation (2019/05/21 08:00)
Make something that is your answer to all the things in the world you don't want.

The Case For Preferring Older Books (2019/04/04 05:00)
You miss out on less than you think.


Sympathetic And Practical Magics (2018/12/18 08:00)
It's hard not to be foolishly romantic about certain things, like the workspaces or utensils of great artists.

Our Respective Things (2018/12/08 05:00)
My work can only really be measured against my other work. Same with yours.

Paint Your Lunch (2018/11/20 05:00)

This Art-Too Unit Has A Bad Motivator (2018/11/15 08:00)
More from Steve on the whole vexed issue of doing what you think you want to do, not what you actually want to do.

Bad Fuel For Brooding (2018/11/14 07:00)
This whole business of how we become the stories we tell ourselves is so easy to get wrong and in so many ways.

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