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The Least Weird Guy In The Room

One of the most humbling, and also clarifying, discoveries of my life was that while I liked weird stuff, I myself wasn't that weird.

The Kipple Salad Diet

What's the difference between just "jamming some stuff together" to make a story, and molding raw material into something truly new?

What I Learned From Whom And Why

A distillation of what I've learned from other creators who aren't writers.

Where We're Going, We Don't Have Roadmaps

"Our creative journeys aren’t linear, and our creative selves not always apparent"

No Hustle

I treat my writing career the way I do because I don't want it to become a "hustle".

Talkin' Bout Some Bad Mothers

We shouldn't confuse tragedy with misplaced sympathy for the devil.

Gather Those Rosebuds (Kentaro Miura Edition)

Word broke the other night that Kentaro Miura, creator of Berserk, died earlier this month of an aortal dissection. "Devastated" doesn't begin to describe the feeling.

My Unstoried Life

I've not lived a storied life, and I know it.

Come Down Off That Pedestal Already

The lone genius creative model, and all of its bothersome psychological baggage, really needs to go.

Time Manglement Issues (2021 Edition)

There's a division between the "gruntwork" and "creative play" sides of any creative endeavor -- the times when you just need to put words out, and the times when you need to toy mentally and daydream.

The Goggles We Wear

For an artist, worldview is all.

License To Emulate

More from Raymond Carver: study and learn from, but don't emulate, singular literary talents.


Maybe I'm In The Wrong Line Of Work

I've toyed with the idea of going on camera for fun and (possibly) profit. I never follow through, though.

Readiness And Other Lies

It's not about being ready; it's about being willing to fail.

Possibility Paralysis

What do you do when you want to do everything?

The Builders And The Finders

At first people think creating things is more like discovery than construction.

What It All Means

Zen's influence on my work.

You May Begin To Feel Overload

On art as the alleged antidote to life -- although life is no illness, is it?


Connections And Disconnections

"Is this something I can see myself sitting down to work on literally every day for the next year or more?" If not, why?

The Shape Of The Envelope

On pushing your envelope as a creator (and not getting all moralizing with yourself about it).

The End Of Quality (Not Really)

Some say "good, better, best" is an absurdity and best done away with. I agree, sort of.

Makers Gonna Make

And should, even if they aren't great marketers.

No Good Vs. Yes Good

Creative paranoia: when you know, just know, your work is worthless in a way only others can see.

Doowutchalike, Part Three Hundred And Six

What is the good, and bad, in saying "I do what I dang well want" in any creative medium? I know there's both.

Nobody Cares Enough About Your Idea To Steal It, Part Nine Thousand And Seven

"Don't worry about someone stealing your good ideas. Worry about someone stealing your bad ones!"

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