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Hey, It's A Living (Or Not) Dept.

On writing for a living vs. living for writing.


Another Corrupt Brightness Dept.

Let's not fence ourselves in.


Dogging It In The Heartland Dept.

In my post about Hakkenden I lamented the lack of a good English translation of the book (apart from the extracts found here and there). There's also vanishingly little English scholarship about the author (Bakin Takizawa) -- apart from one...

Upfront Dept.

Some of you have probably heard about the recent brouhaha about the FTC possibly cracking down on bloggers who receive freebies unless they provide full disclosure of their connections with advertisers. The whole thing is still very muddy, and an...


Pixel-Stained Peasant Wretch, Etc. Dept.

A recent column by Paul Krugman in the Times noted that in the digital age, the old business models of delivering content are going to die no matter what anyone wants.A subsequent letters column contained many reactions: It's  looking like...

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