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Justice League Repair Shop

Why was 'Justice League' only okay instead of epic? How could it have been made epic? Here's my plan.

Just Us

On 'Justice League' itself. Beware spoilers.

Half A League Onward

My 'Justice League' theory is bust-ice league. But that's a good thing!

The Justice League Project(ion)

If my theories about the movie prove wrong, I can make hay from them. I've done it before.

Politicaliterary Dept.

On politics in literature, spoken and unspoken (and a few other things).


Cynthia's Blues Dept.

Can in time a comic book stand in the same realm as anything Henry James produced? I'm sure it's possible; I'd argue it's already happened.

Playing Catchup Dept.

Batman v Superman, and Writerman v Plotcomplicationthings.


Put Away Childish Things And All That Dept.

Comics are just for kids. Right?


Guardedly Successful Dept.

Why the success of 'Guardians of the Galaxy' was a two-edged sword.

A You-Shaped Hole In The World Dept.

On standing on the shoulders of giants, but only to jump free.

So It Was Written Dept.

On the fluidity of canon in comics and Buddhism alike. No, really.

The Shelf Is Full Dept.

Are there too many comic book movies? No, just too many movies made from the same prefab story beats.


Man of Steel

Man of Steel understands Superman well enough to know he should be taken seriously, even if it doesn't always quite know how to make that understanding real.

Incompatible Adapter Dept.

Bill Watterson: "No upside for me" in adapting Calvin & Hobbes to animation. I agreed.

The Beatings Will Continue Dept.

On the ways violence becomes an aesthetic unto itself in our entertainments.

Any Color You Like As Long As It's Black Dept.

Why DC and Marvel are stuck in a taste trap of their own making.

Adamantium Over Bone Dept.

Why I liked "Wolverine", but had to be careful why.

The Avengers

What was it about last year's superhero blockbuster that turned out to be so ... average?

Man of Steel, Fans of Clay Dept.

Why the longing for "escapism" is problematic.

None More Dark Dept.

Ugliness is not a total synonym for "truth".

Write Here And Now Dept.

The most fantastic things work best when they are rooted in the most familiar.

A Man of Steel With Feet Of Clay Dept.

Why "Man of Steel"'s Superman is a little more interesting, and problematic, than you might expect. (Warning: spoilers.)

Raw Shock Blot Dept.

Suspension of disbelief: exercise for the brain.

The Dark Knight Rises

The last installment gives us the Batman we deserve rather than the Batman we want. Not a bad thing, actually.

Wide Eyed And Legless Dept.

We will always find a new way to be naive, and that's a good thing.

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