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All The Cool New Folks Are Dead

In re: "I can’t help feeling a bit depressed that so many of the cool new writers are dead."


No Such Thing As Bad Publicity Either, Right? Dept.

Why "any reading is good reading" is not a great defense of reading.

Act Your Age Dept.

The great books of the here and now may be wholly invisible to us except in retrospect.

Revenge of the Geeks Dept.

When SF is written by people who are fans of nothing but SF, it's bad news.


Classics Not Spoken Here Dept.

Creators have to cultivate a sense of history.


Old But Not In The Way Dept.

Over at Vertical, Inc., they're in the process of setting up a bunch of new licensing requests -- some of them in-house items, some gleaned from wishlists provided by fans. I didn't figure they could talk specifics -- like Criterion...


Dog Soldiers Dept.

Anime fans ought to be at least passingly familiar with Hakkenden, the 13-episode adaptation of Bakin Takizawa's feudal-era epic about eight reincarnated warriors embodying different samurai ideals. Readers of this site probably remember the Sonny Chiba live-action version, directed by...

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