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Here, Now, Nowhere

On using Zen Buddhist notions of time in writing SF&F.

A Clear(er) Head For The Future

What Zen taught me about writing SF&F, part 1.

How To Make Sense Of The Universe

We might as well have narratives that make sense of the universe in constructive and nurturing ways.

Higher Ground

On the disconnect between the highest and most refined forms of spiritual guidance, and the day-to-day suffering people have.

In The Right Spirit

More notes on writing SF&F, as a Buddhist- and Zen-influenced author.

Short Attention Span Theater

Distraction or recreation? On the meaning of fun.

All Of This And Nothing

More about Buddhism's most misunderstood concept, "emptiness".

Free Your Mind, Guy

Or at least, free your Guy, and the rest will follow. (On "Free Guy" and some thoughts related.)


The Impossible Immutable

In a story that spans multiverses and multi-selves, do we even need to talk about a "self"?

Warning: Buddha Ahead

If you meet one on the road, you know what to do. Right?

Let's Blow This Popsicle Stand

When you are faced with a world this chaotic and nasty, is the only sane response to reject it wholesale?

All These Things Are Mine (And Yours, Too)

The one thing about Zen and Buddhism that most stood out for me: the idea that everyone's already enlightened and just doesn't know it yet.

The Justdoitness Of Things

On how the dharma is for doing, not talking about.

We Are Absolutely Sure There Is No Future

On the absolute primacy of the present moment (part 6,312).

The Demon's Sermon

On "the world of demons" in Buddhist study, and other things in it that are routinely misunderstood.

The Fault In Our Stars, And The Responsibilities Engendered Thereof

"I keep thinking," my friend said, "that if only I'd done more, we wouldn't be in this mess we're in now." Were they right?

More Than This

One of the things Buddhism tries to get you to recognize within yourself is how all the things you are aren't "you".

Look No Further

On the (easily misunderstood) Zen doctrine of not looking for fulfillment through outside phenomena.


Now Exhale, Already

This year did leave its mark on me. I only now see this.

The Zen In My Work And Vice Versa

I never wanted to be a "Zen SF&F author". If I did receive that label, I think I'd be very unhappy about it.

Big Z, Little Z

Why I don't mention Zen much in "mixed company".

From Inside Out, Pt. 3,276

Spiritual advice don't mean a thing if it don't come from within.

What It All Means

Zen's influence on my work.

The New Needs Friends

The new needs friends, not evangelists or apologists.


A Cure For The No Future Blues

ON SF exhaustion, and the point of believing in tomorrow.

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