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City: Works Of Fiction (Jon Hassell) (2016/04/01 10:00)
Somewhere between Herbie Hancock's electronic pop-jazz of the 1980s and the more omnivorous, open-ended experimentalism of artists like David Byrne or Brian Eno.


The Unplaylist Dept. (2012/10/09 10:00)
What I listen to when I should be working, and what I listen to when I am actually working.

The Pearl (Harold Budd / Brian Eno) (2012/05/25 10:00)
Ambient music, before it became a joke.

Music for Films (Brian Eno) (2012/05/02 10:00)
Decades after its release, Brian Eno's first collection of ambient mini-masterworks is still a jewel box full of gems.

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