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This Is About As Performant As I Want To Get

People who launch YouTube channels or present themselves a certain way on Twitter are said to be engaging in a kind of performance. Or someone who just keeps a blog, like yours truly.

The Forever Draft

The idea is called "continuous publishing", and it doesn't thrill me.

Another Land's Words

Are international literary prizes just for "foreign writers who make sense to us"?


Kicking A Habit

A mission for the coming seasons: Read more current SF.


Hancock Dept.

Now you can get signed editions of my e-books -- sorta-kinda!


They Blinded Me With Science Dept.

On why non-SF writers sometimes disdain SF, continued.

Sometimes Middlemen Matter Dept.

Publishing companies: the unknown ideal.

You've Seen The Headlines, Now Read The Book Dept.

Is tying your work into current events smart self-promotion or just spammy?

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