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My Inner Eye

On being a writer as an extension of being an artist who plays with images, rather than words.


"You Don't Have To Live With The Bloody Man"

On portraits of the artist as a complete jackass, and why we need new kinds of stories about artists.

What Might Dance Better

"Since all art finally affirms something, if only its own value, some attitudes thus dance better than others."


The End Of Quality (Not Really)

Some say "good, better, best" is an absurdity and best done away with. I agree, sort of.


Paint Your Lunch

Fun game to play: Pick a person, and imagine what kind of creative advice they would give you. Then compare that to the actual advice they give you.

Creativity Repeating Itself

“Every director has one film to make. He just keeps remaking it.”

I Am A Rock, I Am An Island

People aren't flowers, of the hothouse variety or otherwise, and neither are artists.

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, But Sometimes They Just Turn Out To Be Cattle Rustlers

We need to have more nuanced ways of taking what matters for us from a given creator and from their works.


Artifact And Artifiction

I have been reading the writings of Gerhard Richter, a painter whose view of his work is a good deal more interesting to me than much of the work itself. He was, like John Cage, not interested in creating things that were an expression of his personality; he wanted some larger aspect of things to manifest itself through him. In fact, Cage is explicitly credited as an influence, and in one of the photos in the book, Cage is seen smiling in front of one of Richter's paintings.

No Masters Here

There is no such thing as "mastery" of one's art, just improvement in whatever form is possible.

From Monstrosity To Tragedy

Art isn't profound just because it hurts.

Pretty Things Dept.

Go make something beautiful and humane. Everything else is just commentary.


Gimlet Eyes Dept.

Artists can be politically outspoken, but are not automatically astute for being so.


In All Heaven And Earth, Only I Alone Reserve The Right To Offend Dept.

Why "I'm an artist" stopped being a defense for the indefensible.


Take No Shelter Here Dept.

On (not) taking refuge in one's art.

Half In Love With Easeful Death Dept.

Artists don't need to be damaged to be profound.

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