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Life Happens Dept. (2013/08/28 03:00)
Sorry, no AnimeFest this year. "Flight of the Vajra" will come out, though.


After AnimeFest Dept. (2010/09/07 07:29)
The short version: a very good time was had by all. Sales were a little lighter than what I expected, but I also donated copies of my books to the Mu Epsilon Kappa Society for one of their events. Ditto...

Et. Al. Dept. (2010/06/29 11:48)
I still can't talk publicly about the Potentially Great Thing that may or may not be happening -- both because I'm not sure I can, and because I'm kinda anxious about jinxing a good thing. All I'll say s that...


AnimeFest 2009, The Rest Of The Story (2009/09/09 10:03)
On the plus side ... Being screwed out of a table (my fault, really) only slowed me down a little bit. Things got significantly better after Ronni Katz, the fine lady who was my table-neighbor last year, showed up. She...

AnimeFest 2009, Day 0 (2009/09/09 09:51)
<bitching> The general tone for my flight out to Dallas was set when I struggled into the restroom at the tail of the plane and tried to get Business Done, only to be interrupted by someone jiggling the door handle....

WickedFaire, &c. (2009/02/17 11:16)
A reminder: I'm going to be at WickedFaire this coming weekend, with books for sale and at least one panel discussion appearance. Everything I have will be available signed at the cover price ($12), as opposed to the $20 I...

Long Con Dept. (2009/02/01 10:37)
Comic-Con is this coming weekend. For me, it's partly a vacation, partly a job (I'm covering the whole thing for AMN), partly a family event (since I stay with my folks for the duration of the whole thing), partly a...


Lost And Found -- Mostly Lost (2008/09/06 01:19)
Attention everyone who was at AnimeFest 2008 and came my way: Sometime between 2PM Sunday afternoon and the following Monday, my camera went missing. The camera in question was a Canon PowerShot A560, with a small silver "REWARD" sticker on...

Don't Mess With Texas Dept. (AnimeFest 2008) (2008/09/02 08:57)
About time I got caught up, hm? This is a long one, so I'll put everything after the cut....

The Postman Rang Twice (2008/08/27 02:13)
No, seriously. First he showed up with the regular mail, and then he showed up with a big ol' carton full of copies of The Four-Day Weekend, for sale at AnimeFest 2008. The books looks great -- with one minor...

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