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Criswell Strikes Again! Dept.

Another case of yesterday's tomorrow, today.

Incompatible Adapter Dept.

Bill Watterson: "No upside for me" in adapting Calvin & Hobbes to animation. I agreed.

The Rabbi's Cat

A quirky and wholly original fantasy that's akin to an Isaac Bashevis Singer story mixed with an issue of Heavy Metal.

Bakshi to the Future Dept.

Ralph Bakshi is alive, well, and angry in a good way.


Technotise (Edit I Ja) [Edit and I]

An animated adaptation of a Serbian graphic novel, very much in the mold of Moebius and Enki Bilal, with plenty of acerbic humor and wit that for a lack of a better word is strongly Eastern European in flavor. Set...


Fork In The Road Dept.

If I have to choose... No, I don't like a false dichotomy any more than the rest of you. But if I have to choose, I'll choose. Specifically, if I have to choose between a technically-meticulous piece of work without...

Astro-Boy (2009)

There are two ways to talk about Astro-Boy, each a little incomplete, so I must speak of both. Way #1 is as an Osamu Tezuka fan, seeing his work adapted for the big screen for a primarily English-speaking audience. Way...



August used to be a missionary somewhere overseas, trying to do good works in places where good works are seldom seen. One day he returns home to his native Denmark, and walks in on his sister Christina while she’s in...

The Astonishing Work of Tezuka Osamu

Somehow in between drawing enough manga to fill an entire bookshelf—and that’s no figure of speech—Osamu Tezuka also found the time to create animated films. What’s probably most surprising to learn is that they were not adaptations of his manga...

Lemination Dept.

Cinemascope » Ari Folman looks into a future past “Bashir”.... Folman has previously disclosed his intention on diving back into animation and named the adaptation of Stanisław Lem’s 1971 novel The Futurological Congress as his next project.Color me very sold....


Cromartie High: The Movie

The hilarious and outlandish Cromartie High has now gone through three mutations of form: it was originally a manga, then later an animated TV show, and now it has been (one might say it was inevitable) adapted into a live-action...

The Last Unicorn

NOTE: To ensure that Peter S. Beagle gets his share of the profits for this film, please purchase copies from him directly. The Amazon affiliate link here is for reference only. The Last Unicorn is another of the great “lost”...


Rock & Rule

Rock & Rule is another in a small batch of experimental animated productions from North America in the Seventies and Eighties, almost all of which met with commercial failure but gathered a thriving cult following. What’s most disappointing about Rock...

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