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Canonical Criteria

Friends of mine and I were talking about the idea of a canon or pantheon of great movies, and how to select them. We had a fun debate about the criteria, and eventually I drew up a list.

O Taste And See

The hardest question: why, exactly, do I like or hate something?


The New Needs Friends

The new needs friends, not evangelists or apologists.


Guilty As Charged

Everyone who's ever put a word to paper has an excuse, or a justification if you want to be less nasty, for everything they do. Of course I'm guilty of this.


Crazy Doesn't Help

On the use of "crazy" as an intensifier.


The Smartest Guys In The Medium Dept.

"...the doctrine that the genius must be in advance of his time is almost wholly false and vicious..."


Tout Comprendre C'est Tout Pardonner And All That Dept.

To understand doesn't mean we have to forgive. See: comic book movies, et al.


Take No Shelter Here Dept.

On (not) taking refuge in one's art.

Ubik Witty Dept.

Once we've bonded through our mutual fandoms, then what?

Old But Not In The Way Dept.

Every movie, every book, is time in a bottle, if only you let yourself see it.

Perfect Forever Dept.

What makes a work great isn't an objective truth.

The Stanislavsky Solution Dept.

On loving the art in yourself, not yourself in the art -- and not letting your art do your living for you.


Faster, Cinematographer! Kill! Kill! Dept.

When just enough is more.

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