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How To Give Constructive Feedback

My advice for how to give truly constructive feedback on someone else's work.


I Know What The F@!$% I'm Doing

At what point can you say to yourself "I know what I'm doing" and not be arrogant or pigheaded, but simply correct? Is there in fact any way to know this for yourself?


Ten Writing Rules For The Home Office Wall

A few things I've learned.

Advice And Consent

The very best advice I received was not a command but a seed for discussion.

How To Listen To Your Gut

And how to do what scares you, at the same time.

Words From The Wise

Very few people are qualified to give useful story advice because they think the main function of a story is to entertain them.

An Infinitely Receding Horizon

"...while surely there will be a time to rest, it is not now."


How To Tell Me Something I Want To Hear (So I Can Just Ignore It And Move On)

On not caring what other people think of your work, while at the same time caring about your work.

A Better Beta

On giving, getting, and using good feedback on your work.

Things I Have Learned, 2018 Edition

Words from the wise.


How To Take Advice Disguised As Criticism (& v.v.)

Or, how to keep pedantic jackasses from getting the better of you.


Sell It Or Shelve It Dept.

The how-to of writing is something to be outgrown, not followed to the end.


Plastics, Benjamin! Dept.

On why too much advice to writers is mere marketing advice.

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