Posts tagged adaptation in 2012

John Carter

Not a disaster or a game-changer, but well worth a look.

Off the Page Dept.

On filming the "unfilmable", or when writing becomes a multi-media enterprise.

For The Girls (And The Boys, Too) Dept.

Let's see some live-action anime projects in the West that are shojo stories.

Big Eyes Small Market Dept.

Five issues facing live-action adaptations of anime, dissected.

Best Original Screenplay Dept.

Is SF better when written directly for the screen, instead of adapted from another source?

No Longer Human / Ningen Shikkaku (2010)

A glitzy and hollow adaptation of a book that was anything but those two things.

Pride Before A Fall Dept.

While grousing elsewhere about the Akira live-action adaptation -- which now mercifully seems to be off the table -- I used the term "insider's hubris". This was a phrase I coined a while back to describe the kind of disconnect...

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