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Music: Aoi no Ue (Jōji Yuasa)

The first of a series of records by Edition Omega Point that explores the undeservedly unheard Japanese avant-garde.

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2016-05-30 10:00:00 No comments

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I'm drawn to specific record labels the way some people are drawn to specific cuisines or specific neighborhoods. If you say the words "Stax" or "Motown", you can communicate with those single words a whole flavor of music. Japan's long been a hotbed of indie labels catering to amazingly specific and narrow tastes -- e.g., Hideo Ike'ezumi's P.S.F. label, immortal forever for having brought us the likes of Keiji Haino and Fushitsusha.

Now I'm delving -- slowly -- into the treasure trove that is Edition Omega Point, a label all but unknown in the West but deserving of wider appreciation thanks to its mission: to document the amazing electronic, experimental, and avant-garde music found in Japan's underground and academic circles. Catnip for an ecletic like me; the sheer unheard-ness of this music automatically makes it an object of fascination. Like many tiny labels, EOP presses few copies of each title -- often no more than a few hundred -- but that still makes those discs easier to track down than the original issues of that music. Assuming there was ever one to begin with, that is.

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