Shunga-Satori: The Big Shunga-Satori Proof Copy Show-Off

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2023-03-11 16:00:00-05:00 No comments

After a couple of delays, my proof copy for Shunga-Satori is finally in my hands!

Note the spine wraparound:

I also like how it looks on the shelf next to all the others.

Next up:

  • Giving the proof a once-over with red pen.
  • Fixing some already-identified cover copy issues.
  • Creating the Shunga-Satori landing page for this here site (shouldn't take too long).
  • Preparing the e-book version.

Almost there, gang! And for those who missed it the first time, here's the blurb:

They are your dreams made flesh. And now they want to wake up.

Hizu: a living doll, one of many who existed only to serve the "Body King" Dhalgra in his palace of terrible pleasures. Then came the day when Hizu wondered: what lies in the forests beyond these walls? — and made a daring escape.

There in the woods, Hizu found other, human refugees from Dhalgra's tyranny. Together, they made new homes for themselves in the ruined houses and abandoned places scattered about. Together they delved into the mysteries of who they truly are, the mystery of "Shunga-Satori" ... and discovered the world they lived in was only a prelude to something greater not yet born.

But their master wanted them back at any cost. And to take them back, Dhalgra prepared to destroy not only their world, but the world that lay beyond as well. The world that had dreamed all of them into existence. Ours!

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