Infinimata Press: Projects: 'Unmortal' Is Now Available!

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2022-02-01 07:00:00-05:00 No comments

I'm pleased to announce my new novel, Unmortal, eighth in the Infinimata Press lineup, is now available in both paperback and ebook editions.

Here's what it's all about:

All things have souls. Humankind made them slaves... Now they're breaking their chains.

The sua: spirits from another realm, summoned and infused into objects since time immemorial. Once they were subjects of worship; now, they toil for humanity’s sake. But not for much longer, as the human race finds new technologies to replace them and the sua themselves clamor for liberation.

Jahya, a bodyguard-for-hire, knew too well about both sides of that struggle. She and her partner Teşkul, a sua sword, can barely make a living. Then comes an assignment that changes everything: Protect a woman fleeing the last remaining institution of sua summoning and control.

Because it’s not just the human masters of sua who want her. It’s the rebels as well, who’ve set in motion plans that could finally give the sua a place on earth to call their own.

Assuming it doesn’t destroy them all first!

You can learn more about the book here, including reading free excerpts and ordering in all formats.

If you like it, be sure to leave me some good word about it on Goodreads.

Everyone on earth should buy six copies.

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