Infinimata Press: Projects: 'Summerworld' Returns!

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2021-06-29 11:00:00-04:00 No comments

I'm happy to announce Summerworld, the first book I put out under the Genji Press banner has been remastered and re-released under the Infinimata Press label. It's available through Amazon in Kindle e-book and print versions.

The story:

It had to be a prank. A letter to Dr. Hirofumi, from a patient of his who’d died three years ago—now inviting him to come out to the country and spend some time there!

Then he followed the letter to its source, and realized all too late that he’d slid into a new world—one shaped by the fears and desires of all those who were lucky enough to survive the journey.

In that “changed place,” as those who live there call it, he discovered the new powers to be awakened within himself and others. He found friends and loved ones, both new and old—and he came to understand his new world far better than he had ever dreamed.

A few notes about this edition. The earlier version had names for the chapters and graphics to go with them. On revisiting the book, I decided I didn't like either of these things — the graphics in particular made the book difficult to format well — and so they've been eliminated for the 2021 edition. But the text remains exactly as I originally published it, for better or worse.

On the whole, though, the book stands up well, and I am pleased to offer it in an edition that sits side-by-side with the rest of my catalog. I hope you enjoy it, too.

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