Flight of the Vajra: Behind The Scenes With 'Flight Of The Vajra', Pt. 6: The Supporting Cast

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With the re-release of my novel Flight Of The Vajra, I'll be making a series of posts to serve as an extended introduction to the book — its origins, its influences, its themes, its setting and characters. Enjoy.

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In my previous installment in this series, I talked about the major players in the cast of Flight Of The Vajra. Now it's time to look at the supporting characters for the story.

Because of the sheer size of the cast, I've placed these folks in alphabetical order by last name (if any):

  • Mylène Astatke: A chief of security on the conference world Bridgehead, an old acquaintance of Henré's — happy to receive him and his friends at one of her parties when they come planetside, but now guarding secrets Henré knows nothing of (at first).
  • Marius Astatke: Mylène's son, a prodigal fellow with an eye for Enid, a brilliant mind for protomic technology, and the most likely successor to his mother's work — whatever that work in fact turns out to be.
  • Caleba Carrinn: Protomic architect tapped to create a habitat on the fly for Henré and Angharad when they find themselves in need of a place to live ... along with thousands of others they've taken with them.
  • Deepetha: Cheery merchant of faster-than-light travel technology, who Henré taps for a rush job that might mean saving the lives of an entire planet's populace.
  • Aram Dezaki: A mysterious cohort of Marius's, origins and motives unknown, but with immense control over protomic technology that has even Henré taken aback.
  • Arsèni Dragoji: Merchant of protomic goods intended for collectors, with a body (specifically, his hands) modified for the sake of his work. He has also been running in darker circles than an antique-shop owner would need to. Why?
  • Cavafy Enno: Henré's greatest friend and sometime mentor in protomics, who perished in the same accident that killed Henré's family. His memory, and words that could be his, come to Henré often in recollection and fantasy.
  • Eotvo: A Continuum being, an extension of its Central Heuristics, who serves as an attaché for Henré and his crew when they arrive there seeking safety and answers. Their presence — specifically, Angharad's — provokes them into questioning themselves in unexpectedly constructive ways.
  • Third Prelate Xavier Jainio: One of Angharad's closest and most trusted colleagues in the Achitraka, the organization responsible for the continuation of the Old Way. Eager to please, perhaps too eager, he finds quickly he has more responsibility than he imagined when Angharad makes universe-changing plans.
  • MacHanichy: An IPS officer, all business, who gets caught up in Henré's quest for answers when they come to involve Aram Dezaki. He'd rather the IPS handle this job, if only because he believes they're better suited to take the kind of responsibility it could entail as opposed to a single disgraced starship designer and his friends.
  • Prince Nancelares: The title is symbolic; the power not. The most powerful Highend native on Bridgehead. When disaster comes to the planet, his indulgent lifestyle and self-perpetuating habits end up spelling even greater disaster. 
  • Anjai Navgary: Writer for Morphic Journal, another of Henré's old friends from his previous career, and someone who becomes as surprised as Henré himself does at the way Henré's fortunes swing about.
  • Malek Pirinçim: Protomic haberdasher on Bridgehead who makes Henré's acquaintance while outfitting him for an important summit, and who returns to Henré's life under unexpected circumstances.
  • Hamsun Ralpartha: A highly-placed IPS officer unamused by the way Henré and his associates — including IPS officers Ioné and Kallhander — have become too ambitious for their own good in the matters they have taken it upon themselves to investigate.
  • Biann and Yezmé Sim: Henré's wife and daughter, also deceased in the disaster that claimed Cavafy and almost Henré as well. They manifest as memory, and sometimes as more than just that.
  • Nishinga Urara: Triathlete, boxer, now club-owner, and someone whom Henré mistakenly thinks he can tap for a favor. Not all the wounds he carved into his own past have closed over, and she's an incarnation of that fact. He'll be lucky to get off with only a verbal hiding.

There's a few others, either walk-ons or people who constitute spoilers, so either for brevity or story integrity I haven't listed them here. But this should give you some idea of the breadth of the cast in general, and also the way the story spans multiple worlds, walks of life, points of view.

In the next installment, I'll examine the major themes of the book.

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