Infinimata Press: Projects: Behind The Scenes With 'Welcome To The Fold', Pt. 8: The Soundtrack

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2021-02-23 07:00:00-05:00 No comments

In the weeks leading up to the re-release of my novel Welcome To The Fold, I'll be making a series of posts to serve as an extended introduction to the book — its origins, its influences, its themes, its setting and characters. Enjoy.

(See all entries in this series here.)

With each book I write, there's almost always a soundtrack of some kind to go with it — music to match the mood and tempo of each scene. That said, I find I almost never listen to the music in question when writing or editing the scene in question, as I find that too distracting; there's other music I have specifically for the writing process.

Odds are you can find most, if not all, of these by way of your friendly neighborhood music streaming service.

Scene Artist Track
Opening Credits Ministry Animosity
A Scene In The Park Skinny Puppy Pro-Test
Renton and Kijé Joel Vandroogenbroeck & Marc Monsen: Biomechanoid Elements
Radharc and Kijé Dead Can Dance Mephisto
Annika's Memory/"My Name Is Eren!" Joel Vandroogenbroeck & Marc Monsen: Biomechanoid Strange Lady
Sunderlands: Young Kijé Dead Can Dance Garden of the Arcane Delights: Carnival of Light
Anonymous Conversations In The Street Dead Can Dance Musica Eternal
"This Can't Be All We Get" Swans Warm
Sunderlands: Kijé Takes Syula Dead Can Dance Ocean
Radharc Lets Kijé Do As She Will With Chloë Vasilisk Awakening
At The Museum: "A Person, Not An Artifact" Richard & Linda Thompson Walking On A Wire
"LEAVE HER ALONE" Scorn Far In Out
The Delegate Sasha Mr. Tiddles
Sunderlands: Kijé In The Ashlands Dead Can Dance Ascension
"Meet Me At The Lions" Sasha Mr. Tiddles (Cont'd)
Sunderlands: The Redoubt Dead Can Dance Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
Meeting The Author Richard H. Kirk Atomic
Sunderlands: Fleeing The Wastes Dead Can Dance Frontier
Renton As Berardinis Dead Can Dance Devorzhum
Meeting The Author Again Sasha Magnetic North
Radharc Speaks To The Author Dead Can Dance Towards The Within
Spiriting The Author Away God Body Horror
Kijé Vs. The Author God Tunnel
Renton's Injury Loren MazzaCane Connors Falling Snow
Delilah Dead Can Dance Song Of The Stars
Annika's Out Again Manorexia The Hardened Artery
The Studio Massive Attack Risingson (Instrumental)
Sij-Salais All Around Us / The Church Manorexia Self Inflicted Concussions...
Kijé Vs. Radharc Primal Scream MBV Arkestra (If They Move Kill 'Em)
The Police Arrive / The Hospital Ward Lennie Tristano Requiem
Meeting Renton Once Again Talk Talk I Believe In You
True Name: Brian Linsley Skinny Puppy Ghostman
"Will You Let Me Be With You?" Talk Talk Desire
End Credits Filter Sand/Welcome To The Fold

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