Thinking Inside The (X)Box

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2020-11-30 12:00:00 No comments

The last time I owned a game console was when I had the original first-gen PSP, and I played that thing to death. Not just because there were specific games on there I enjoyed, but because the design of the system made gaming frictionless for me. I'd owned a PSOne and didn't like being tethered to the TV for some indefinite length of time. I liked that I could pick up the PSP, play it for a few minutes, suspend it in the middle of things without having to shut it off, and then resume it whenever. Eventually I let go of it, and fell out of the habit of gaming altogether.

Now as of the last year or so, that's changed. My wife and I looked at the Microsoft XBOX S and decided to get one as a joint Christmas gift from one of our relations. The idea is to have something we can play individually or together, and also to have something that works as a general entertainment deck for the living room. (I ran Spotify on it while we hosted Thanksgiving.) GamePass provides access to a ton of titles for around $15 a month, and many of the titles in there are things I would have wanted to check out at some point along the way.

But the best part, the absolute best, is the way you're not chained to the damn thing if you want to do something extended. The S can be paused and put to sleep anywhere, even with multiple games in progress, and resumed any old time after that. For games that have no convenient save points, this is a godsend; it makes them actually playable for me.

I've long been conscious of how I have the kind of personality that would easily give over far too much of my time to gaming. Having a feature like this built into the hardware means I worry a whole lot less than I used to about the time-management issues. I can drop in for a few minutes, get my butt kicked, then move on to other things.

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