Infinimata Press: Projects: Meanwhile, Back In The Workshop

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2020-11-09 21:00:00 No comments

A progress report from the week of last Tuesday.

  • Psychically, I'm okay -- better, certainly, just still rattled and shaky like so many of the rest of you. Most folks I know who have survived the past four decades, er, years, are not going to even begin to feel better until January 20th, and even then many of them will continue looking over their shoulders for a long time. But as I said before: we didn't get into this all at once, we don't get out of it all at once. We who are of stout hearts and souls, we join arms and walk forward. Post nubes lux.
  • I've looked over the proof copy for the remaster of Flight Of The Vajra. A few minor mistakes here and there; I suspect most of the low-hanging fruit got swept off that tree when I prepped the first edition. I also decided not to make any significant changes to the text, as I'd been mulling before. None of the things I'd worried about really semed to merit a rewrite, and besides, why not put that time to better use creating new things? So I should have this put to bed and made available by the end of the week, in both dead-electron and recycled-tree versions.
  • I also made significant progress on Unmortal. Not just word count, either, but insights that helped further shape the significance of the details in the story. Even though I had an end-to-end outline before sitting down, it really only gave me about 50% of what the story was actually about before I began writing it. I like how this is shaping up to be both a fast-moving adventure and a meaty story about Heavy Stuff (slavery, colonialism, etc.). I was going to say this is likely to be the best thing I've ever done, but I always think that about my next project.

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