Flight of the Vajra: 'Flight Of The Vajra', Remastered, Is Now Available

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2020-11-23 21:00:00 No comments

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After some delays and fribble, I'm pleased to announce the "remastered" version of Flight Of The Vajra, with new cover art and tweaked innards, under the Infinimata Press brand, is now available in both recycled-tree and recycled-electron versions.

I had a few hiccups getting this one put to bed, but they were mostly about real life getting in the way, not the text itself. But here it is at last.

For those who don't know about it yet, here is The Blurb:

Seven against the universe!

At first they were only three. A brilliant starship designer, haunted by the death of his loved ones. A spiritual leader whose faith could transform mankind ... or destroy it. A precocious acrobat girl, looking for a new family of her own.

Then came others. An entertainer and playboy whose dissolute lifestyle conceals unexpected ambitions, courtesy of a lover who represents the galaxy's most powerful worlds. And a pair of detectives — one barely human, the other not at all – with orders to enlist all their help solving a crime that threatens civilization.

Together they formed the crew of the ever-evolving spacecraft Vajra. Seven against a universe where the boundaries between matter and mind have been torn down, where one can wield the power of billions ... and where humanity must choose between rebirth or annihilation.

Of all my books, this is one of the two or three I'm most proud of right now. If you like it -- or even if you don't! -- say something on Goodreads about it and help spread word!

Note that an earlier print edition on Amazon is linked by default to the Kindle version. Please don't buy that one. Use the links above, or on my own sales page, to purchase the proper edition.

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