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By Serdar Yegulalp on 2020-09-14 08:00:00-04:00 No comments

I spent all of Saturday reworking covers and interiors for the last three (four, if you include the most recent) books in the Infinimata catalog. Once I got momentum going on one of them, I just forged ahead and did all of them in one sitting. I also found a site that lets you render 3D mockups of books using uploaded cover art, a way to get an idea of how they'll all look on a shelf next to each other. I think the results speak for themselves:

Side note: I really like this 3D look. I may use these images for the sidebar on the site if they work out okay there.

Next up are remasters of The Four-Day Weekend, Tokyo Inferno, and Summerworld. Those will require more work because they were put together before I had a consistent workflow for each book, so they'll have to be touched up by hand a good deal more. And the covers for each are just going to get scrapped and redone entirely; I haven't been happy with any of them for quite some time.

The Four-Day Weekend in particular is a tough one, since a lot of the flavor of the story doesn't come across in a single picture. Tokyo Inferno and the more recent edition of Summerworld might be salvageable using the same design elements in the new template, but I'm not married to the way either one looks. But 4DW is likely to be last because it's the most challenging of the bunch. I peeked at some of the images I scrounged for it the first time, and the cover I finally settled on made use of the least terrible of the bunch.

I go back and forth about reissuing Another Worldly Device and Casual Users. They're not very good, and if I was to do anything with them, it would involve completely rewriting them. I'm more inclined to work on new things than old ones. Ditto The Underground Sun, elements of which were scavenged for many later books anyway. It never existed in anything like a complete edition; it was always a first draft that never made it past that stage. Maybe one day, but there's too much else I want to work on: Unmortal, Absolute Elsewhere, Shunga-Satori, etc.

A note about Unmortal. I have an image in mind that I am going to try and scare up the cash to license, as it was one of the indirect inspirations for the story. If that fails, I may attempt to have something commissioned with the same money. So far I haven't seen anything that would come remotely close to being a good substitute.

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