The Fall Of The Hammer: Waiting On Proof

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2020-08-25 12:00:00 No comments

Come Friday or so (these days, I'm not sure I can trust even the speed of light to be consistent), there should be the thud of a parcel hitting my doormat, and inside will be the proof copy for the recycled-trees version of The Fall Of The Hammer. If all looks good, I'll make publishing links live for both it and the Kindle edition, as I want both to go live simmulmultannyusly.

My readers, all six of them, are divided fiercely and quite vociferously about recycled-tree vs. recycled-electron versions of books. Some folks put primacy on an actual physical artifact for their shelves; some prefer a copy they can take anywhere and access anywhere. At least one of you out there has opted for both, god love ya. I'm still a fan of printed copies first, but I would be a fool and a half to deny digital publishing's importance, and so I try to keep a production path that allows both editions without too much heartache or sweated blood.

What's really baked my casserole lately is how good the Kindle toolset has become. No, really: the total time for me to create the Kindle version of Hammer was, like, my post-breakfast coffee. The most I had to do was identify a couple of section heads that weren't detected, and the rest was automatic. If typos or other blunders turn up later, I can fix them in both the Kindle and print editions together, in one swell foop. I still perform all due diligence to make sure things are properly edited before I boot them out the door, but I don't have to worry about, say, an entire 100-copy run of books being half-worthless because of a misprint somewhere.

Once Hammer is in your hands, I turn next to both writing Unmortal and remastering Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned with the new Infinimata look. Here's hoping that, too, is a reasonably painless exercise.

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