You Deserve To Know What's Up, Late July 2020 Edition

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2020-07-24 17:00:00-04:00 No comments

Much hard work ensuing here at Chez Infinimata, and on multiple fronts:

  • The Fall Of The Hammer has come back from my readers with high marks all around, and so now it's on to the final production phase: creating the cover, finalizing the interior, etc. I also have to set up a page here on the site for it, as per the previous books, so you can expect that in the next couple of weeks. I will also be lining up a series of articles that delve into the history of the work and its ideas, along the lines of the series I did for Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, and which I have in mind for all the other books I've done when I rework them to feature the new Infinimata branding.
  • I've also been working on the rewritten version of the software that powers this blog. I'm further along than I realized; a big part of the struggle will be recreating the templates I had before. But the underlying engine is running well. Faster, too, and not by a little!
  • I'm also slowly preparing the next release of Folio, my personal wiki software, which I've been using to write Fall Of The Hammer and will be using to write all my future works as well.
  • That includes Unmortal, the next work-in-progress, which is already in progress.

No, I'm not a workaholic, why do you ask?

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