The Eye Closes: Milton Glaser, 1929-2020

The New York Times has an obituary for a man who became an unexpected and ultimately profound influence on me.

I never limited my creative heroes to other writers. In fact, I probably have more who aren't writers than who are. Glaser had always been at the back of my mind for a long time as someone whose work ethic (and work aesthetic) were worth looking up to, but on March 23, 2002, he gave a speech to the AIGA, "This Is What I Have Learned" [note: PDF], from which I found myself quoting and referencing constantly in this blog. (His anecdote about Las Vegas is a favorite of mine and remains timeless.)

When I think of Glaser, I think less of his "I❤NY" icon, or his Bob Dylan poster, than I do of this speech and all the good wisdom it has to impart. There's nothing here that doesn't apply to writing in some form, I think. Or to life, period:

One must start with the presumption that telling the truth is important for human survival, but at this moment of relativism and virtuality, I'm not sure how many would agree on what truth is or how important it is in our private and professional lives. But we must begin somewhere.

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