Folio v. 0.0.4 Has Arrived

Some time back — February, which at this point feels like 1956 — I mentioned I had created the first public release of Folio, my personal wiki / creative organization tool. I've been working on it quietly but steadily since then, and I've made a new release of it as of this weekend.

What's so important about this tool? Well, it's the tool I've been using to help organize The Fall Of The Hammer, and will likely become my standard-issue project-management-and-organization tool for all my writing from here on out. It's meant to be something halfway between the total anarchy of keeping notes on paper or in Word documents, and the rigidity of something like Scrivener.

The 0.0.4 release is something of a milestone. It's fully feature-documented (barring a minor feature or two that isn't ready for public use anyway), and the docs are built straight into the program. Download one of the binary releases for Windows 10, unpack it and run it, and you'll be taken straight to the documentation. Also, the docs are "live" — they're a wiki just like one you'd create yourself, so you can edit pages and see how they're put together.

Screenshot for the UI of the most recent build:

This is alpha-grade software, so please don't be stupid like me and use it for production work. (I have to use it for production work to ensure that it does what it says on the tin, but you're by no means obliged to follow suit.) But do feel free to play with it and experiment, and we should be advancing to a proper beta release in a month or two.

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