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One Year Later...

Sorry about the silence on this end — long holiday break, lots going on. Allow me to turn your head away from the burning world on your TV and enlighten you about new doings in Chez Genji.


You knew that joke was coming. The line to club me with the rubber chicken forms to the left.

I am now neck-deep in the 2nd (3rd? long story) draft of The Fall Of The Hammer, scheduled to be released some time this year, with any luck before we all die in a fire, the possibility of which grows ever more non-zero with each passing day. It is progressing with satisfying speed; I might have something for beta readers to peruse by March or so, maybe even earlier if the world doesn't blow up first.

I also have plans on deck for the next couple of stories, one as-yet-untitled and the other the long-gestating (and darn near unclassifiable) Shunga-Satori. More about them later when I have something to say that isn't total flibbertyderp.


Constant readers know by now I use a program called TiddlyWiki (great product, dumb name) to track all the moving parts of my various creative projects. I've reached a point where I want to roll my own version of the same thing, one built to my own needs and in a language I'm comfortable with (that is, Python instead of JavaScript).

I've only just barely started this, so I don't know if I'm ever going to get to a point where it could be something anyone else could use, but that is the long-term ambition. And I've made a heartening amount of progress in only a few days — enough that I am motivated to take the wiki for Hammer and move it over once a few other things are in place, and to start all the new wiki projects in it.

More stuff in the works apart from the above, but this is the news that's most fit to print right now.

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