A Time Now Gone

The other day I allowed the domain name I once used for my personal blog to lapse. I had not used that domain in over ten years for anything; it just auto-directed back to this place. But all the same I'd kept renewing it in the thought that someday, someday, I'd do something with it. Well, here it is, a decade and change later, and I've still done nothing with it. Out it goes.

Not too long from now, Genji Press will also cease to exist as a name, and will be replaced with something better and more fitting for my ambitions. I'll still keep the domain as a redirect, maybe for another ten years, maybe forever. But that name, like the name before it, represents a stage of my life that no longer exists. It's long past time to let the new thing in, and to let the old roll away.

A couple of years back I threw out a lot of my older writing. Maybe that was a mistake, and some part of me is not convinced I did the right thing. But the larger part of me has no regrets about it. Maybe that was the only way to put down the distance I needed from things that hung a little too heavily over my head.

I'm never going to be very famous or very important, and that's fine. What matters is how I manage the few inches of space I have right here. If the way to manage that is to let go of things that did nothing but make the air in the room stale, out they go.

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