A Bridge To The Quiet Planet

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My good friend Steve Savage has his first novel out, A Bridge To The Quiet Planet. Aside from Steve being a close friend, I should add another disclaimer that I read drafts of the book and provided him with feedback, but the final result is entirely his. Still, I wouldn't be recommending it to you-all if I didn't think it was worth it.

If you have a friend who's into SF&F, and want to give them something that stands out in its own field — or, if you are yourself that friend — grab this for them.

The blurb:

Learn History or Become History

Sorceress Marigold and technic Scintilla made a living recovering strange artifacts and forgotten history on the world of Telvaren. On a planet of ancient magic and strange science, scarred by old wars and blessed by internet-using gods, there was a lot of past to dig up.

When they needed a change, the duo signed up to aid a vendor of rare documents, making a pilgrimage to the divine grave-world of Godsrest. With the help of a friendly local cleric, it should have been an simple journey — as long as they did their paperwork and kept quiet.

But every step of their interplanetary journey brought new dangers. Something larger and older was at work among the worlds, and the two partners were in the thick of it. They weren't pursuing history, it was pursuing them, and Marigold and Scintilla had to turn the tables . . .

Tags: Steven Savage  fantasy  science fiction 

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