2019 And All That

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2018-12-20 22:00:00 No comments

My good buddy Steve Savage just laid out his tentative plans for the coming anno, so I decided to pull together all my disparate threads and figure out what I have on deck as well.

  • This next novel of mine, which as yet has no title, is top priority. I already have it more or less completely outlined, and so the next logical step is just to begin drafting. Expect that to start happening first week in January or so.
  • Ganriki, my destination for all things Japanese, has a whole slew of articles in the pipe into and through the new year. I run hot and cold with that site because of time management -- there's only 24 hours in a day and only one of li'l ol' me, so something often has to give, and more often than not it's Ganriki. My most recent discovery in this vein: Take one week a month to write all the Ganriki stuff for that month, then take the rest of the month to do whatever else. Compressing everything into that short a sprint of time seems to help me retain focus and keep momentum.
  • There's also this programming project I've been working on -- a compiler for a toy programming language. It's a sideline thing, an adjunct for some stuff at work, but I might have some more interesting news to share later on about what sorts of doors that might open.

I'm also trying to keep my perpetual promise to myself to read and watch more things with no expectation of getting anything out of them. I have a bad tendency to turn all my cultural experiences into a kind of research, instead of just letting them exist as experiences. Good experiences, bad experiences, indifferent experiences, whatever -- the point is not to rank them but to simply let them come, to keep the door open.

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