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I'm on vacation this week and not posting much, but here's some Links Of Note that crossed my desk:

  • An interview with philosopher Galen Strawson about free will. I'm not completely convinced his conclusions are sound — I feel like he's conflating a few different areas where free will manifest in slightly different ways (e.g., the way we deal with it internally vs. the way we use the implications of such things to craft policy and social constructions). But it's still worth reading.
  • "In “Playing Changes,” Nate Chinen argues that we’re living in a brilliant new phase of jazz, and offers an annotated guide to his favorite performers," says the New York Times in its review of the book.
  • Pretty good essay about being less wrong. (Yeah, I know, it's on Medium — aptly named because it's neither rare nor well done, but this one is worth the read.)

Normal service will resume by the middle of next week.

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