Infinimata Press: Projects: Give It Away Now (July 31, 2018 Edition)

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2018-07-31 12:00:00 No comments

This is my once-every-so-often post about giveaways, freebies, promotions, and other must-haves from Your Friends At Genji Press, which appears for no particular good reason on Tuesday.

My sorta-kinda thriller/mystery novel Welcome To The Fold is available as a free giveaway, for a limited time, by way of Instafreebie:

My sorta-kinda space-opera novel Flight Of The Vajra is also available as a free giveaway, for a limited time, by way of Instafreebie. (See other books in the same lot!)

Many other books from other authors are also available in those lots, so go check 'em out as well. There's a good chance an itch you didn't know you had may well be scratched.

If you snag a copy, a review on Goodreads or is greatly appreciated.

Also bear in mind my TYPO BOUNTY! If you find mechanical mistakes in the text (spelling, grammar, inconsistencies, editing blunders, etc.), collate as many as you can find, drop me a line and I'll fix it up, and throw you a goodie for your trouble. Limit one goodie per person per book.

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