The folks at Talking Points Memo have been examining for some time now how Facebook enticed the news business into building dependencies on them, and how that turned out to be every bit the trap you would expect it to be. (Best summary: "How Facebook Punked and then Gut Punched the News Biz".)

... you can’t build businesses around a company as unreliable and poorly run as Facebook. Only a year ago, when I would talk to big money players in the digital media world, there was a consistent refrain: social video on Facebook, that’s the whole game. That struck me as crazy at the time, given everything we were seeing in the industry. And it was crazy. There’s no news publisher entitlement to Facebook traffic. And Facebook is a highly unreliable company. We’ve seen this pattern repeat itself a number of times over the course of company’s history: its scale allows it to create whole industries around it depending on its latest plan or product or gambit. But again and again, with little warning it abandons and destroys those businesses.

What someone does in the large, they tend also to do in the small. Their a priori assumption is to treat literally the entire rest of the world like its monetizable product, one it can't even be bothered to devise any kind of revenue-sharing plan with the very entities it monetizes, one it will betray without a second thought. This company made forty billion dollars in revenues last year — up 48% from the previous year alone! — off your backs. If they are that indifferent to, or actively hostile to, two-way partnerships with the rest of the corporate world, then they owe hoi polloi like us less than nothing. We are way overdue to return the favor.

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