Clearing My Desk

Some progress notes:

Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned is now in the final editing cleanup stages. This is the mechanical stuff — spot-fixes, automatic spellchecking, formatting, etc. I've decided to postpone the actual release of the book until the end of August — some stuff going on that month that I don't want getting in the way if I can help it — but we are very close to done here.

I'll also be unveiling the revamped cover art and the book's landing page (e.g., the /aono page on this site) during that time. The new cover is nothing like the temporary one I have right now; it's miles better.

I mentioned before how I already have plans for three or four other books already lined up in various stages of coherence. My plan there is to not work on those for now, but once all the heavy lifting on AONO is out of the way, I'll write up some treatments of them — quick and dirty stuff, nothing too involved — and share those with a few trusted pairs of eyes to see what they think.

Another project I'm planning, although I have nothing specific to share about it yet, is a non-fiction work sharing my experiences with using a wiki for planning creative projects. Ever since Flight Of The Vajra I've been in the habit of organizing the details of my writing projects using specialized software — once you get into the habit of doing something like that, it's hard to fall out of it — and a book compiling all the methods and insights I've developed along the way seems like it would be useful.

My friend Steve compiles a great many books in this vein, and this was explicitly inspired by his efforts. I've flirted before with the idea of specialized nonfiction, but was always dry for a subject. This, though, seems useful and relevant.

I've long had something of the same "what to do, what to do?" attitude in re video games. I'm a reasonably competent programmer, and so one of the ideas I've flirted with for some time is a video game that employs both my writing and software-dev skills in some form. Unfortunately, nothing's come to fruition yet. Books are far easier to write and finish, and I'm terribly picky about the concepts that could be used in a game. So far I've had a hard time coming up with anything not already done to death, and I don't want to spend a year or more on a project that is just a recapitulation of other, better work. But the impulse to do something in that vein is never far out of mind. I just have to temper it against the costs to be sunk into it.

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