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It Helps To Stay On Track

Good afternoon Mr. And Mrs. Reader and all the ships at sea. Despite some lingering flulike symptoms, I made a pledge to myself to keep you in the loop. So, here's the loop. Get in:

  • Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned (the next novel) is still on track to have its edit cycle completed by the end of July. Expect a release sometime in mid-August or so.
  • Next up is one of two possible stories, both untitled. One is a "superhero-type" story that I've mused about here before (originally titled Fall Of The Hammer, but who knows what it'll be called now). The other, Shunga-Satori, is a real nutcracker because even I can't synopsize it properly, and I know that's going to be a problem. As someone else once said, if you can't be an evangelist for your own work, don't expect anyone else to be either. Whatever the case may be, I plan to have that next book out around this time next year.
  • Over at Ganriki, my place for all things Japan, I'm set to look at a mix of live-action and animated titles: Hirokazu Koreeda's Maborosi, the "Animerama" releases from Tezuka Productions, the delightfully indescribable Kyosogiga, and a bunch of other projects that have been stewing over the long term. Note to self: talk about more novels there.

Of course, all this could be moot if the planet is smoldering ash in a month, but hey, optimism.

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