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What We Do In The Shadows

Brad Warner noted a while back that he gets very little discussion from his fellow Buddhists (Zen and otherwise) in the West. Not because he's annoyed at having been snubbed, but because he actually finds that something of a relief. It means he gets to be that much more himself, and not subsumed, however subtly, into what amounts to a groupthink or hive mind about his chosen field.

I empathize completely with this point of view, because I've got an audience of maybe a dozen readers tops, and the temptation I feel vis-a-vis that audience is to see it very much the way Brad does: It doesn't matter if you only have ten people, it matters that they're the right ten.

Then there's the counterpoint — that if you only have ten, even if they are the "right" ten, you're still missing out on a wealth of possible perspectives that you might need to have exposure to. That hiding in the closet, as it were, does you no favors.

I'm trying to strike a good balance between these two positions, and one of the ways I'm considering experimenting with that is by offering more of my work freely in the right channels. InstaFreebie, for instance — maybe by setting up a giveaway once a month to reach people who'll post on GoodReads, rather than just offering extracts that sit on Kindle and are easily ignored. The idea is to tilt things that much more towards active promotion that isn't annoying.

My friend Steven Savage put it this way: It's about awakening people to the possibility that you have something worthwhile. You deserve more readers, but they also deserve you. I agree, and so my next self-imposed mission will be to crank that up, however slightly but also precisely, to attract just that many more of the people that matter.

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